[mls_h4]March and April[/mls_h4]

March and April have flown by! We have been busy learning and growing and having lots of fun!

**This is just a reminder to send a change of clothes because we just don’t know what the weather will do.

[mls_h2]ART STARTS-Artist in the Classroom Project[/mls_h2]

The Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2, Grade 3, and French Immersion 4, 5 and 6 classes are working with Darrel Oike in order to learn about ceramics.

This project was funded by Artstarts, the Sk’aadgaa Naay PAC, Northern Savings Credit union and the school.

We are lucky to be participating in “Understanding Tidal Pools Through Metaphor.” The students started off by going to the beach during low tide in order to learn about inter-tidal creatures.  They have each chosen a sea creature and will develop a clay tile and sculpture of this animal with guidance and support from Darrel.

Here are some photos…





Your child is becoming a reader!  🙂  The students have been working hard at becoming powerful readers.  The link below will give you a better understanding into the reading instruction that’s happening at school.

Allington’s summary 6 elements of effective rdng instruction-1 copy

Continue to participate in Home Reading! It really does make a significant difference in your child’s learning!




[mls_h5]February 2014[/mls_h5]

[mls_h3]Happy Valentine’s Day![/mls_h3]

Friday, February 14th marked the 100th day of school!

We had a blast celebrating the 100th day in the morning and Valentine’s Day in the afternoon.


We started off our celebrations in P.E. by counting by 10s to 100 while doing jumping jacks.

We carried on by counting 100 fruit loops and making an edible necklace.  The students finished adding ten more beads to their 100 bead necklace.  We read “Emily’s Hundred Days of School.”


The students are 100 days smarter!!

[mls_h4]Classroom update[/mls_h4]

The focus this month so far has been Chinese New Year.  Gung Hay Fat Choy!

We’ve read lots of stories about the Chinese New Year.  The students have been working on imaginary dragon writing.

We’ve also watched videos of the Dragon and Lion Dances.  The students also participated in making desert rice balls.

This is the students’ favourite dance video:


Language Arts:

The students have continued to work on independent reading and building stamina in order

to read on their own.  We’ve been working very hard at choosing “just-right” books.   Books whereby they can read the words with 98 %


Read to your child every night!

The students have also been working on using loud, clear voice while speaking in front of the class.


The students have continued to work on their subtraction strategies and counting to 100.  I was amazed at the progress of the students

during counting activities.  I’m very proud of them for learning to count to 100 forwards.   Now we’re going to work on counting


The students are learning to use “mental” math to solve subtraction problems.  They are counting back on the number line.

The grade two students are working on making magic 10 so that it’s a friendly number to solve equations quickly.


The students have been working on animal research projects.  They have used books, websites, and videos in order to learn about their

chosen animal.  The next step is to complete an iPad presentation which will be presented to parents.  We will keep you posted as to

when this will be!

Social Studies:

There are many different kinds of families and this is what the students have been learning. We’ve also been continually working on

cooperative work in groups and partners.


We’re learning Basketball and the grade ones and twos can’t wait until they are in

grade four so that they can play on the basketball team. 😉

The students are so excited that the Skidegate Saints won the All Native!!


[mls_h5]January 2014[/mls_h5]

Happy New Year to everyone!

[mls_h4]Classroom update[/mls_h4]

Language Arts

We’ve been working away on our daily 5 language arts activities which include, just-right independent reading, read to someone, word

work, writing and listen to an adult reading.

I’ve attached a great resource just for your interest in reading development.

Allington’s summary 6 elements of effective rdng instruction-1 copy


The grade one students are just finishing up a unit on forces.  We did some experiments with ramps, balls and different kinds of surfaces

like wood, carpet, plastic and foam.  The kids learned about friction and gravity.

The grade two students are learning about solids, liquids and gases.  They are currently involved in some experiments related to

changing matter from solid to liquid and then from liquid to solid.


**Due to the wet weather I recommend sending and replenishing an extra pair of pants if you haven’t already.  This makes the kids more

comfortable if an accident or if we have a rainstorm.

Social Studies:

We’ve been working through this program called FUN FRIENDS.  The focus is social and emotional learning.  We’ve learned about

different feeling and how it’s important to talk about how you feel.

We’ve also talked about HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.  I say…What do you need?  This helps with solving problems in the



We’re working on subtraction mental math strategies.  Right now we’re working on counting on from the smaller number to the bigger

number and finding the difference. Ask your child about this strategy!

Salmon Science!

Even though the weather was stormy, we went outside to the creek behind the school and explored salmon habitats.  We made

observations and checked the temperature of the water.  Thanks Roger and Terrie for taking and teaching us about these precious



[mls_h5]December 2013[/mls_h5]

Happy Holidays to everyone!

We’ve been practising our christmas presentation every day!

Below are some photos of activities the students have been participating in:


Participating in a “Polar                 Dress Rehearsal!            Turkey Lunch. Yum!

Express” Story Drama activity

Christmas ornament and cookie!



Ms. Jung