Our Kindergarten room has been an exciting place this fall, full of positive energy and learning. The children have made new friends and are learning to challenge themselves in different areas of learning.  Play is emphasized as a foundation to learning encouraging imagination, problem solving and exploration.

September was a time for routines to be established. The children learned about safely in the gym, the classroom and on the playground. Daily routines involving lining up, cubbies and coats, carpet time and desk work, are now a natural part of each child’s day.

Volunteering has now begun. Parents who have expressed interest will be contacted in the near future.

To keep you up to date on our classroom activities I have listed the subject areas below and included the material covered in each area. Please feel free to contact me at school or at home if you have any questions or concerns.   Miss. Karrow


Language Arts

-letter identification, printing, letter sounds and initial word sounds for letters: A, C, T and S.
-emerging reading habits (booklook, library use, home reading, story time)
-sign in practicing first name and simple three letter words
-journal entries and extended art activities sourced by story books and themes

-PALS program
-Teddy taan visits

Physical Education
-warm ups, aerobic exercise
-cooperative games
-use of whistle, safety and gym rules
-early basketball activities with Mike Hennigan
-coordination practice
-relay teams, yoga
-Terry Fox run


-thematic songs with rhythm, rhyming, and repetition
-learning beats using a drum and clapping, patterning
-music enrichment with Keiko (our visiting Japanese teacher)


-counting orally from 1 to 40
-printing letters 1 to 5
-sight counting using dice
-counting in Haida
-adding numbers (enrichment)
-comparing size
-shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle)
-cooking program using measuring


-tree identification
-how a plant grows, parts of a plant, seeds
-living and non-living things
-forest animals, ocean animals
-unit on spiders, taan (black bear)
-composting (November)
-pet care (our new hampster and  fish)

Social Studies

-RCMP visit teaching W.I.T.S.
-firefighter visit and fire safety
-earthquake safety
-learning school rules

Health and Career

-Social rules: how to be a friend, sharing, saying, “I am sorry”, cooperating, please and thank you
-dental visit and teeth care


-puppet story telling and social stories
-role playing

Fine art

Art is included into every discipline as a visual learning tool, a means of creative expression, development of technical skills and coordination.


In addition to Haida class, students are introduced to simple word phrases (good morning, good afternoon, yes, no, weather topics, and counting ). Haida education is evident in the use of local plant and animal topics, storybooks, songs, regional and traditional themes(local-culture).